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Back to Basics: Dive Nutrition

So, there you are driving back home after a long day of spearfishing. You are deep in conversation with your dive buddy and it dawns on you that you have repeated the last sentence 3 times over. You turn to your buddy and you notice that he did not pick this up, and his eyes are glazed over and in a ‘proper’ zombie mode...continue reading

How to... Boating For Beginners

The progression from diving from the shore to diving off a boat is a big one. The ability to travel to otherwise inaccessible spots, and cover more ground, makes boat diving potentially far more rewarding. Add to that... continue reading

How to Improve Your Spearfishing Ascent

So there you are, lying on the ocean floor. You have executed a perfect dive and even after spending some time on the bottom, you are still feeling strong. Up until now you have probably been very conscious of every movement and been very deliberate in your whole approach to the dive, but now the dive is over and you....continue reading ›

How to Improve Your Bottom Time

In the past few editions we have covered the typical dive from the breathe up, the duck dive and how to descend correctly to your target depth. You might be thinking that once you have gotten this far, the hard work is over and all you need to do is look for fish.... continue reading ›

Back to Basics: How to... The Descent

In the last issue of USM, we covered the basics on how to perfect the duck dive. In this issue we will be covering the descent. We will teach you the correct way of getting from the surface, to the depths of the ocean. Spearfishing is slightly different to general freediving, where the diver "bounce" div... go direct to article

How to Duck Dive Correctly

In the last Back to Basics we covered the essential techniques to spearfishing breath hold. But correct breath hold technique is not going to give you an effective dive by itself, it's what you do after your last breath that will determine how good your dive will be. You now start to get into the physica... continue reading ›

Back to Basics: How to... Basic Breath Hold Techniques

If you think about it, being able to hold your breath and dive is possibly the biggest part of spearfishing. Well, that's outside of the hunting part, but even then if you don't have the freediving part sorted out then you are probably just snorkeling on the surface and missing out on the best part of spearfishing.... continue reading ›

Back to Basics: How to... Set Up Your Weightbelt

The weight belt is a standard piece of equipment for the freediving spearfisherman and its primary purpose is to offset the buoyancy of the diver and his neoprene wetsuit. Basically, what this means is that your wetsuit floats and makes you float, while the weight belt is heavy and will help you sink. If you did not ha... continue reading ›