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Ultimate Spearfishing is the breathless adventure!

Ultimate Spearfishing is an indispensable source of information for all spearfishermen and extreme underwater sports enthusiasts; a sleek, high-quality 52 page magazine that is a truly influential means of communicating with this niche market.

Ultimate Spearfishing promotes an adventure lifestyle, with all articles and editorials aimed at those who enjoy exploring the great outdoors, with a specific focus on the ocean and of course, spearfishing. Ultimate Spearfishing is at the forefront of spearfishing related media coverage and on the pulse of information and events relating to spearfishing across the globe. Featuring top-notch design, provocative stories and trusted information, Ultimate Spearfishing makes for engaging and entertaining reading,currently unmatched in the industry.

What we do

Ultimate Spearfishing is an independent South African owned title offering a promotional vehicle for industry manufacturers, retailers, service providers, travel destinations and related lifestyle products. Ultimate Spearfishing showcases the lifestyle of extreme underwater sports in South Africa. We introduce the latest trends, testing, analysing and reviewing products, in order to help our readers make informed purchasing decisions.

While we celebrate those who push the boundaries of spearfishing as a 21st century sport and publish their personal adventures, we also have a substantial amount of content aimed at beginners. In addition, our focus is not simply on the sport itself, but more broadly on the sense of adventure that all spearfishermen and underwater enthusiasts share. Ultimate Spearfishing Magazine places a strong emphasis on informing and educating our readers about the ethics of responsible spearfishing practices and conservation to ensure the sustainability of our sport and oceans.

Readers can also enjoy Ultimate Spearfishing online at www.ultimatespearfishing.com, through our popular monthly electronic newsletters and on Facebook, which all provide great opportunity for value added promotions.

Ultimate Spearfishing also runs regular promotions and competitions (through all of our media channels) to ensure that our readers are exposed to and engage with our brand and advertisers on a regular basis.


Ultimate Spearfishing Magazine reaches 9,000 readers per issue. A new issue is printed quarterly, hitting the shelves in early March, June, September and December every year.

Roughly 50% of our distribution is to subscribers who receive their magazines posted directly to their homes across the globe. The balance is sold through spearfishing and fishing stores. Roughly 25% of our readers access their digital version of the magazine through our website.

Our website www.ultimatespearfishing.com currently enjoys 4,600 unique visitors per month and over 20,000 page visits per month. Our website allows readers to keep up to date on a daily basis as to what's happening on the water and in the industry. Our website is not only packed with informative information, but also forums which allow readers to engage with each other. Digital versions of all issues are available for download for those who prefer them.

A monthly newsletter is sent out to all our registered users on our website which keeps them informed of what has been going on as well as what they have to look forward to in the month ahead.

What do our advertisers think?

"USM has proven to be an vital part of our marketing - the adverts on both the website and in the magazine have proven to be highly successful and translated into an almost immediate increase in traffic to our website and ultimately sales. The staff at USM are extremely helpful, friendly and very passionate about their enterprise - when passion meets drive and dedication it cannot be but successful! USM is without a doubt a tremendous asset to the spearfishing community and you ARE changing the proverbial playing field into a more accessible breathless adventure for all."
Chené - Ponta Torres, Nhonguane Lodge

"We were initially sceptical to advertise in USM as it was relatively new on the market, but we have since had great returns from our advertising investment and we couldn't be more pleased."
Rob Allen and Jeremy Williams - Dive Factory

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