Taken from Ultimate Spearfishing Magazine Volume 16.

how to hold your breath spearfishing
In the past few editions we have covered the typical dive from the breathe up, the duck dive and how to descend correctly to your target depth. You might be thinking that once you have gotten this far, the hard work is over and all you need to do is look for fish.

The reality is that what comes next will determine if you are able to capitalise on all the work you have done and make the dive a good and effective one. A good bottom time will be one where you have safely maximised your potential time in the hunting zone. Please note the emphasis is on safety. It is impossible to dive beyond your potential. So, everything in this next section needs to be executed with extreme caution and a clear understanding of your own limits.

The first goal of having a good bottom time is to conserve oxygen and energy. The question you constantly need to be asking yourself is: "Is this taking up too much energy?" By constantly questioning yourself while diving, you will naturally find good solutions that will help you achieve more by doing less.

increase your bottom time secrets
The second goal is to maximise your effectiveness as a hunter, by maximising your time in the 'kill' zone. This will also mean you will need to be able to have a keen awareness of what is going on around you and at the same time be putting yourself in the best position possible to hunt from. When hunting reef fish this is generally in the lowest part of the area holding fish. For game fish it's a compression point or an area where fish travel through. This, however, will not necessarily mean always going to the bottom, although you will still need to be able to spend time in the 'kill' zone.