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The Ultimate Mask Review

There have been huge advances in diving masks over the last 10 years, and it was not so long ago that the only low volume mask of choice for the spearfisherman was the Cressi Super Occhio. But now there are companies that have specifically targeted the freediving spearfishing market and you are spoilt for choice. This ... continue reading ›

The Ultimate Watch Review

When your sport takes you under the water, a must- have on your equipment list is a watch specifically designed for free diving.... continue reading ›

Jentan Marine Spearo Version Predator 15'6 - Boat Review

We all know that us spearos are a different breed, especially when compared to ski-boat fisherman. The 'gun-ho' do-what-it-takes attitude of the spearfisherman has meant that over the years, the boats that have evolved in spearo circles have had less refinement and finesse than those used by our ski-boat fishin... continue reading ›

C-Ski 444 - Boat Review

We have received a number of requests for boat reviews to appear in the mag. Especially since the requirements that make a boat a good spearfishing boat are very different to those of normal skiboat fishing. So with this in mind we now have a new Boat Review section, specifically taking into account the needs of spearf... continue reading ›

The Ultimate Rollergun Test

Now, rollerguns are supposed to be more efficient than conventional guns with a 110cm gun outperforming a standard 130cm gun, (well supposedly). After doing much research, it became fairly apparent that the guys seemed to favour the smaller rollerguns and the bigger guns did not work. The frustrating thing was that I could not find a conclusive test where a number of guns were tested, let alone what kind of setups were used. They would often just state that they compared the 110cm roller to a 130cm double rubber gun. But in my experience, very few guys have their guns set perfectly and just saying double rubbers on a 130cm means absolutely nothingcontinue reading ›