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Latham Island Drifting by David Dupavillion

How many decent fish can you see in a day of diving? 100? 500? Well, any perspective I had of what the word "fishy” meant before I went to Latham Island was completely blown out of the water by what I experienced in that magical place.

It doesn’t look like much from above sea level, just a lump of sand and rock covered in birds and guano. Apart from the catamaran anchored in the lee of the island, there is...continue reading ›

Ascending Expectations by Chris Coates

If there’s one thing I have learned from all the spearfishing trips I’ve been on, it’s to prepare for the best, but to lower your expectations. This way, you’re physically and mentally ready, with all the gear to get the job done well… while not expecting to shoot a world record in the first hour. High expectations are a killer on trips, especially when things don’t go according to plan. There’s nothing worse than... continue reading ›

Adrenaline Junkie by Kimi Werner

I think it’s the moments when I stop trying to suppress those parts that make me authentic and instead start to truly embrace them, when life rewards me with more of it all. It can come in various forms. Sometimes it’s an experience or opportunity and sometimes it comes in forms of people. Two years ago life rewarded me with a person named Edmund Jin... continue reading ›

African Dog by Chris Coates

The eastern seaboard of Africa is home to some of the best Dogtooth Tuna hunting in the world, with some of the biggest Doggies speared in the last decade coming out of the small area between Tanzania and Northern Mozambique. For a spearo, nothing quite evokes the same feeling as the thought of getting a large Dogtooth... continue reading ›

Islands of Adventure by Barrett Harvey

My hunt to film Dogtooth Tuna began with a trip to Latham Island in 2011, which was put together by Extreme Blue Water Spearfishing. I saw a group of South African spearos' land some great 70kg Dogtooth Tuna (see USM volume 8 - The Great Doggie Expedition) and I truly believe that a +100kg world record Doggie is out th... continue reading ›

Giants of Ascension by Steve Ellis

I was almost speechless, seeing that crystal sparkling blue water and white sand shining below. I looked straight down from the pier head and saw hundreds of Black Triggerfish with the odd Black Jack swimming through them.... continue reading ›

A Record Worth Keeping by Gyula Plaganyi

During our abalone dives I was expecting to see some Pink Snapper, but after two months of solid diving we had only seen one in the deep, off the outside edge of Miles Island. It was quite cautious and wouldn't venture anywhere near us.... continue reading ›

Spearfishing Giant Dog Tooth Tuna on St Lazarus Banks by Chris Coates

Islands of Adventure by Barrett Harvey

Giants of Ascension by Steve Ellis

A Record Worth Keeping by Gyula Plaganyi

Barren Islands Expedition by Chris Coates

We Were Living by PJ Kotze

Legend of St Lazarus by Eric Allard

El Novato and his Muse by Tanc Sade

The Great Doggie Expedition by Dane Salmon

A Bout of the Mozambican Blues by Chris Coates

Home Sweet Home by Dane Salmon

Virgin Waters by Chris Coates

A Mad Madagascan Reality by Chris Coates

But for the Grace of God by Warren Blackmore

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