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Welcome to the Ultimate Spearfishing Magazine, that is the 'breathless adventure'. Immerse yourself in the boundless opportunities that await all underwater hunters that take the plunge into our limitless oceans. This is more than just catching fish; this is a way of life. It's the core of our being, it's what drives and sustains us. It's called spearfishing.

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Dance with the Sharks 
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Vol 1 to 17 digital mag bundle 
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Volume 16 printed magazine 
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Hi there I am in Clansthal for a week and would love to go spear Aliwal, can anybody help me with a number/contact for a charter or if anyone has a spare spot on their boat, I will happily contribute costs etc, thanks a lot, my cell is 0825554244 Golla


Omer Alliminium 1.1m carbon for sale with 6,5mm spear and 20 mm rubber with place for reel. In great condition...


Whats up guys!!:D Quick tale of woe to help others - was in South Africa with my gf a while back and did the first course with a new agency called 'Pure Apnea'; shortly after went down to Philippines to do the AIDA 3 star advanced course only to be told that no other freediving agency recognizes 'Pure Apnea'...

What's your point?

Looking for a spot off a boat,please contact me @ michaellecordier@yahoo...


Free Divers,

South African underwater fishing federation


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