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How To Re Rig Spectra Slip Tips

Slip Tip Re Rig

Contributed by Greg Fonts

Spectra slip tip re-rigs may seem like a difficult or daunting task, but with the right tools it is extremely easy.  Here is a step by step how to,  as well as some of the tips that we found make it easier.

Tools needed:

Splicing needle ( We prefer the DaHo #LS0650)

Sharp knife or razor


Step One:


Before cutting spectra from slide ring measure the length of spectra from tip to end of line past the knot. This will give you a general idea of how long your replacement line will need to be.  Some divers do not realize that this line is a piece of hollow braid spectra doubled back into itself.  A 48” piece of replacement spectra will be plenty for most tips.

Step two:

Slip Tip Trim

Cut spectra from tip and slide ring.


Step Three:

Slip Tip line

Insert hollow braid spectra replacement line under pin, sometimes it helps to cut the end of the line at an angle.  Pull line through until centered on the replacement line. We will call the end one A and end two B.


Step Four:

Slip Tip Center Line

Find center of line next to slip tip and start feeding the splicing needle into the center of the hollow spectra from slip tip to end of spectra, end A.

Slip Tip Center Splice
Slip Tip Center Daho

Push the spectra onto the splicing needle/tool until the end of the needle is exposed.  Insert the end of length two (B) through the eye of the splicing needle leaving and overlap of at least an inch.

Spectra Bunch

Step Five:

Pass Through

Slowly start massaging the needle and and end B through the bunched spectra on the needle. Make sure the you keep the spectra bunched up, if it becomes tight it will start biting onto the needle and needle eye. Keep pulling through until the needle is completely exposed with doubled up portion.

Step 6:

Spectra Push

While holding end B, push bunched spectra up to slip tip.  Start pulling and massaging bunch spectra down towards the end of tip B. When done it should look like below picture.

Spectra Pull

Step 7:

Spectra Trim

While holding end B, the inner piece, pull back the outer spectra and trim inner spectra so that the core will be inside the outer core.  This will make the passing of the spectra through the slide ring much easier.

Spectra core

Step 8:

Pass line through slide ring.

Spectra Slide Ring

Step 8:

Barrel knot

Tie end with a Barrel knot making sure that the trimmed  inner core is outside tightened knot.

Step 9:

Pull tight

Pull tight, trim excess and burn end of line. Its that easy,


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