Big Blue 250

Apparel / August 2

7/10 - GOOD
Manufactured from Anodized Aluminum


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The Good

The AL 250 is well built, its body is manufactured from Anodized Aluminum and comes with a tempered Optical lens.  As simple wrist lanyard is included with the flashlight so all you need to do is throw in some batteries. We used the Al 250 mounted to the muzzle of a speargun, it is small and compact and fits well in this application.

The Bad

The downside to the AL 250 is that you must turn the bezel to turn the light on and off, it does not have a quick on/off thumb switch which many prefer while spearfishing.  Coming from a light that has a momentary switch, we were prone to leaving the light on which led to a greatly decreased battery life and dull LED beam.

The Bottom Line

Retailing at $49 the AL 250 is a durable flashlight that will last. We feel it is more suited to be a waterproof outdoor light or backup light rather than a primary hole hunting light.  It does perform well mounted to the end of a speargun and is more suited to use on ledges or shallow holes in comparison to caves and dark water diving.


The Big Blue Al 250 is a very simple 250 lumen XPG LED  light powered by twin AA alkaline or NiMH batteries available in 5 colors.  It lives up to the specs on the package, but when nearing the approximate 2 hr burn time the LED loses substantial brightness.