Gannet Bluewater 75

September 13

10/10 - GOOD
The Bluewater 75 is the most versatile float in the Gannet Float line.  With the strength and lift to handle the largest pelagics but still has the finesse to land soft bodied pelagics, this float represent the best selling of the line.  Flat design allows for skimming the surface rather than digging, which means you won’t even notice it is behind you when diving in currents. The most advantageous aspect of this float is that it allows for the taking of all pelagic species and has a reduced initial impact on the fish, in comparison to a traditional cone style…
Performance - 10
Usability - 10
Design - 10


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The Good

The market leader in Bluewater Float design and development.  Pound for Pound, the 75 is the best balance of size, lift and finesse of floats in the market.  With a Lifetime Warranty on materials and workmanship at the discretion of Gannet Dive Company and a 50% buyback option, the investment is well protected for the life of the float.  Easily can handle fish across the entire pelagic spectrum when combined with a 100 foot float line and bungee. There are 3 float capacity options available based on the specific hunting of the diver.

The Bad

The size and rigidity of the float can be a little tricky to pack if you are trying to travel with as little luggage as possible.  At a price of $389.99 (at the time of this review), this premium float is the most expensive in relation to competitors.

The Bottom Line

A robust float that can handle some series force.  This is a great example of when innovation and design produce a product that can travel the world landing powerful fish and also be perfect for local waters.  Based on the high level of success the Bluewater 75 has had world wide, this float is an excellent buy.




A true 2 ATM float at 29 PSI, providing 75 pounds of lift at 60 feet underwater.  The floats internal architecture keeps the sides flat at pressure to negate roll both in the water and on the boat deck.  3 hand holds provide ease of use and attachment points. Comes with a Schrader Valve adaptor, Pressure Gauge and Safety Whistle.  An additional Flag Kit adaptor is available as a separate purchase for greater visibility.