Gannet Snake Float

September 13

9/10 - GOOD
The Snake Float is a unique and innovate product designed for the purposes of: Visibility, Safety, Stopping Power and Stealth.  Designed for using in kelp with a float line to provide just enough buoyancy to keep the end on the surface and provide essential visibility, while still providing the ease of use to slip under and around kelp.  Built with a 700 pound MFP core and woven exterior sheath.
Performance - 9
Usability - 9
Design - 10


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The Good

A simple design with more than enough strength to serve multiple purposes.  Approved by dive boats as a location marker in the state of California.

The Bad

The visibility and profile are very low in rougher waters.  Not designed to handle any substantial weight or to land fish on its own.

The Bottom Line

An excellent addition to the dive bag when the big float needs to be detached because the kelp is getting to thick to hunt.


The Snake Float is purpose built for providing the hunter with a “STOP”.  To understand this, you must imagine the float line being pulled through your hand by a large fish and the moment the Snake Float hits your hand, then it is STOP time!  A true favorite amongst California White Sea Bass hunters, Yellowtail hunters and reef hunters World Wide when a large float just isn’t necessary to land fish and you need the maneuverability that normal floats can’t provide.

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