Ocean Hunter 3 Atmosphere

December 12

10/10 - GOOD
The Ocean Hunter 3 Atmosphere Float is rather new to the spearfishing industry but is taking its share of market
LIFT - 10


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The Good

Highly durable and visible float that can be blown up to an amazing 44 psi that travels well when deflated.

The Bad

Like many high pressure floats the retail price can cause sticker shock at $360…. We say it is money well spent.

The Bottom Line

This float is rapidly becoming the go to bluewater  float in both Australia and in the USA for a reason. Its visibility, durability, and lift capacity are unmatched in a float of its size and weight. It also tows very well behind the boat while moving on drift dives.



The Ocean Hunter 3 Atmosphere Float is rather new to the spearfishing industry but is taking its share of market. Its capacity is unmatched, and while the various handles are strong they could be improved upon.

Choosing a float in todays market can be a bit confusing to say the least.  High pressure, low pressure, well hell no pressure at all, and why not add a hard float to mix it up.  Your end use really determines what float you need, but there is such a thing as too much floatation and if you have too little you may never see your float again.

The Ocean Hunter 3 ATM comes in a high viz green with a reflective Solas TM reflective strip, if you would like to add more visibility or have a flag law to adhere to there is a hole in the float for a flag mount.  With the capability of being blown up to a surface pressure of 44psi and a displacement of 32L, it does not have the most initial lift on the surface , but it can maintain its lift capacity longer than any other float on the market today.

Early versions of the float did have a weakness as the oral inflator valve was held on a plastic fitting, this has now been replaced by a durable metal clamp prevent any loss of air.  To help tune the float to your preferred pressure the OH float comes with a pressure gauge as well as a Schrader inflator adapter that can be used to fill at any tire filling station.

Weighing in at 2 lbs., it is easily folded and can easily be stashed in your dive bag or sport tube.  A feature that we like is the zipper on the side that can be unzipped as used as a stash place for your lightweight floatline and or bungee when deflated. With three grab handles and a heavy duty metal floatline attachment point, there are plenty of strong connection points help you fight and land that fish of a lifetime.


This float can be found at these fine retailers:

Neptonic Systems: http://neptonics.com/product/ocean-hunter-3-atmos-float/

House of Scuba: http://www.houseofscuba.com/product/acc1138.html


Ocean Hunter 3ATM Float



Gear Torture Test

To really test both the bladder and durability of this float we fully inflated the float to 44 psi and left it in the direct sun in 110 degrees for 8 hrs.  We fully expected the float to fail but not only did it survive it is still in use 2 years later.