Rob Allen 4mm Float Line

February 6

7/10 - GOOD
Rob Allen's 4mm float line is manufactured  specifically to Rob Allen standards.

Rob Allen 4mm Floatline

Durability - 10
Value - 8
Ease of use - 3


Great Value but not for everyone

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The Good

Rob Allen products are know for quality and durability.  This float line is extremely hard to break, will not pop, and lasts forever.  It is also extremely light and affordable.

The Bad

The float line has very little memory so if not managed correctly tends to loop and tangle sometimes resulting in knotting. Also, the use of a “float line clutch” can be difficult because of the small diameter. This can be rectified by building a prusik of the same or similar material.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for a cheap and durable float line go no further, but keep in mind that there is a learning curve to managing it and its small diameter can be hard to work with when under heavy load.


When it comes to float lines I have seen it all. In indo I used a 3/8 poly rope after a doggie decided to have its way with my $120 float line, and hey it worked. It was strong, cheap, floated and did not pop. Maybe this is why I actually use this 4mm line. The real issue is this float line must be managed correctly or frustration will soon set in as you sit untangling your line while your buddies are on a drift. It will also shred your hands if ever fighting a fish without proper gloves.

Rob Allen’s 4mm float line is manufactured  specifically to Rob Allen standards of stiffness and degree twist. The 4mm three strand floatline is available in High viz orange or Olive. The precut lengths are available from 10m to 45m in 5m increments spliced at both ends to form loops.

Amazingly a 30 meter length only weighs in at 10 oz,  add two tuna clips and swivels and the weight increases  to 12.2 oz.  Compare this to a standard 100ft vinyl floatline weighing in at approximately 3.8 lbs, and you have cut your resistance way down and weight by approximately 80%.

A 30 M length retails for around $20 so if you hate it you can keep it as a back without too much remorse.

To properly manage it we recommend you use the figure 8 winding method that can be seen here at

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Rob Allen 4mm float line is available at any Rob Allen dealers and online at these fine retailers:

Rob Allen 4mm Floatline

Rob Allen 4mm Floatline