Rob Allen Tanker Dive Bag

March 20

9/10 - GOOD
The “Tanker” is a bag designed to be the “One and Only” bag you will need on your epic adventures around the world.  
Performance - 10
Design - 9
Usability - 8.5


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The Good

Having a single bag to stuff full of gear knowing that you will be able to break everything down into smaller bags for the boat is a great way to travel. The zippers on the bag are big and strong, which is a must when you plan on maxing this bag out. We gave the usability an 8.5 because it has a specific job and isn’t for day to day use while diving. There are other bags in the Rob Allen line that are more specifically designed for such needs.

The Bad

Overpacking this bag is so easy you won’t even realize what you have done until it is time to move it. The listed products we packed weighed in 54lbs. But at one time, we had the bag at 67lbs.

The Bottom Line

Big and designed for holding everything you can put in it. A great bag for long trips and multi day trips. It also is perfect if you are just looking for a bag that you can load with everything you need for a day at the beach.


The “Tanker” is a bag designed to be the “One and Only” bag you will need when you travel to epic destinations. Take all of that and finish it off with the classic Rob Allen graphics and you have a bag that not only works but looks good. Featuring three zip up compartments for gear separation. Incorporated mesh panels for breathability. Built from UV stable 550g PVC coated vinyl for extra strength and easy cleaning.

  • Carries Up To 2Sets Of Spearfishing Gear
  • 3 Divided Zip Up Compartments
  • 550g PVC Coated Vinyl – UV Resistant
  • 2 YKK Noncorrosive Zip Sliders
  • Zip Lockable For Travel
  • Size 43”x14”x14”
  • 3 Divided Zip Up Compartments

While testing this bag on a trip to Baja, this is what we packed in it.
2 – Gannet Boat Bags
1 – Gannet Blue Water 55 Float
2 – Changing Towels
2 – 3mm wetsuits
2 – Sets of booties, gloves, masks & extra items
1 – Save a Dive Kit
4 – Gannet Float Lines (100 foot each)
2 – Rob Allen Flashers with Flasher Floats
2 – Pairs of flip flops
1 – Entire week of clothes
2 – Yeti 24 ounce travelers
1 – Full kit of extra shooting cable
4 – Sets of extra bands

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